Our intensive provides a unique opportunity to study intimately with original company members of Shen Wei Dance Arts (SWDA) Sara Procopio, James Healey, and Jessica Harris along with distinguished alumni Brandon Whited and Janice Lancaster Larsen in the world’s dance capital, New York City. SWDA Winter Intensive 2016 will provide an informed pathway for opening the body and mind to new ways of approaching dance.


Delve into Shen Wei’s Natural Body Development Technique. Through the detailed investigation of movement ideas, classes will research breath, internal energy, momentum, rotation and flow.

Learn excerpts from selected company repertory Connect Transfer and RE:I. Through individual and collective movement research, each dancer will have a chance to work on group and solo material within the repertory.

Students will develop a more intimate relationship with Shen Wei’s choreography and creative process through classes in performance topics such as: Improvisation/Invention, Partnering, Performance Qualities, and Yoga/Body Work. By examining concepts, qualities and creative tools within the company repertory, dancers will be challenged to probe the subtleties and details of focus, energetics and intention while also discovering how Shen Wei’s background in Chinese Opera and visual arts informs his process.

Testimonials from our 2015 intensive:

  • "Feeling artistically nurtured and inspired.  This has been an amazing week, so thank you!”
  • “Between the work, the dancers, the accompanists, and the teachers, everything about this experience was just beautiful.” --Caitlin
  •  “I feel as though I have found an entirely new body to work with as a dancer” – Nikki
  • “The week gave me not only the opportunity to dance, but to go deeper into peeling away layers of myself and connect more closely with the artistry of Shen Wei’s movement. I’ve trained all my life as a dancer and every day of this workshop I found myself learning something new, from subtle details to large expansive movements.” LuLu