UNTITLED #12-1 (2014) 

Concept, Choreography, and Costume Design: Shen Wei

Sound Design: Metronome Collage by Shen Wei, played live by the dancers

Paintings: Shen Wei’s Black, White, and Gray Painting Series (2013-2014)

Running Time: 25 minutes

Shen Wei created “Untitled #12-1” to be performed in the galleries of MDC’s Museum of Art + Design in  Miami, Florida. The dance accompanied a major exhibit of Shen Wei's recent paintings-- eleven, larger than life abstract canvases that were exhibited during Art Basel/Miami Beach in December 2014. Set to a score of differently-timed metronomes worn by the dancers, the work sought to bring the surging and dripping of paint on Shen's canvases into three dimensional form.

Presented and commissioned by Miami Dade College's MDC Live Arts and Museum of Art + Design.


"Hypnotic and quietly magical….The dancers started in trios, slowly and continuously curving, arching, reaching out or up, curling to the floor. The irregular, random-seeming shapes of their spiraling, twisting bodies echoed the surging, splashing images on the walls, as if the paintings were flowing off the walls and coming to life." —Jordan Levin, The Miami Herald