0-12, Solo from Collective Measures (2013)

Concept, Choreography, Video and Animation Design: Shen Wei

Music: Crossing Now by Illusion of Safety/Daniel Burke

Video and Animation Technicians: Josh Horowitz, Layne Braunstein

Lighting Design: Shen Wei and Matthew F. Lewandowski II

Associate Video and Animation Technician: Blair Neal

Dancer: Kate Jewett

0-12, Solo from Collective Measures (2013), blends video, shadow, paint and lighting in an exploration of movement possibilities within a confined realm. Moving in, around, and through a white square with pools of paint, the dancer leaves traces of her movement. Originally created for founding company member Sara Procopio—the movement is a distillation of the roles she danced with the company—Shen Wei adapted the solo for rehearsal director and dancer Kate Jewett, reflecting the 12 roles she has performed with Shen Wei Dance Arts.