Connect Transfer II (2008) 

Concept and Choreography: Shen Wei 

Music: Kevin Volans, String Quartet No. 6, Iannis Xenakis, Evryali György Ligeti, Sonatina: II—Andante, Monument,  In zart fliessender Bewegung 

Lighting: Scott Bolman

Sound Design: Shen Wei and Fitz Patton 

Set and Costumes: Shen Wei 

Running Time: 40 minutes

An adaptation of the original Connect Transfer (2004), Connect Transfer II premiered at Judson Memorial Church in 2008. Reoriented for a theater-in-the-round presentation, the work was re-envisioned as a more interactive audience experience. The new staging rebalanced the piece on all four sides of the canvas, adapting to the fact that audiences sat just a few feet from the edge. Such close proximity gave viewers the opportunity to experience the dancers and the painting in a very different way from that offered by a traditional proscenium stage. Rather than observing the big picture as it developed, the audience could focus on individual movement details and subtleties.

— James Healey, Founding company member