Folding (1999-2000) 

Concept, Choreography, Set and Costume Design: Shen Wei

Musical Score: Last Sleep of the Virgin for Bells and String Quartet by John Tavener and Tibetan Buddhist Chants

Original Lighting Design: David Ferri

Running Time: 35 minutes

“In 2000, the Guangdong Modern Dance Company invited me to make Folding, my first work with them since I left China in 1995. During this period, I was strongly attached to the simple action of folding: of paper, fabric, flesh—anything. Folding combines traditional Tibetan Buddhist Mahakala chants with the ethereal melodies of John Tavener.”

— Shen Wei


"A dreamscape of signs and symbols, glimpses and shadows. So compelling is his vision—and so magnetic is the presence of his dancers—you can't look away. You're sucked into the dream, frozen for 30 minutes." 
 —Dean Smith, The News and Observer

“The dance has a pureness of movement and simplicity of design that can only be described as elegant, but its power is in its haunting images of large-skirted, ghost-white beings that are without question alien, yet, unmistakably human. Folding is dance that embeds itself in the audience's consciousness and stays there.”
—Adam Castaneda, The Houston Press

“The interplay of elements—movement, music, decor—was infinitely absorbing. You couldn’t look away even if you wanted to.”
—Sarah Kaufman, The Washington Post