Carmina Burana (2013) 

Concept, Choreography, Direction, Sets and Costumes: Shen Wei

Music: Carl Orff, Cantiones profanae cantoribus et choris cantandae comitantibus instrumentis atque imaginibus magicis

With the addition of four anonymous Cantiones profanae (orchestrated by Jordi Bernácer)

Running Time: 80 Minutes

"The dance springs forth, copious and intoxicating, in every section harmonious, interlacing bejeweled duets, trios and solos, in a constantly circulating stream, like the coursing of life, and as found in the songs of the Carmina Burana. A sensual fluidity and airiness permeates the movement that the San Carlo dancers relay with a vibrant  agility and pliability. And the dancers prove able to break down the technical-stylistic boundaries between dance genres." 

—Cristina Squartecchia, Teatro & Spettacolo


"Shen Wei’s production reveals worlds of ineffable beauty and rich emotions. It is the fruit of a unique mind able to find the right balance between East and West, aware that the new can only be born through the organic knowledge of the past.”
Carmelo Antonio Zapparrata, Arte e Arti

"A true and individual Teatro D'arte Totale, a perfect synthesis of music, imagination, dance and text...In this opera Shen Wei leads the spectator to see the music and hear the dance.”
—Cristinia Squartecchia, Teatro & Spettacolo

"Splendid...a great celebration of the continuum of life...It is clear that the pinnacle of the show resides in the originality of Shen Wei's choreography, danced beautifully by his seven soloists and the theater’s corps de ballet.
—Stefano Valanzuolo, Il Mattino

"A visual and visionary tale...Amongst references to the Renaissance, the language of the post-modern, and the traditions of Chinese Opera, the artist has given life to an innovative and sustained narrative, recounting in his own language the passions and themes of human existence: love, youthful irreverence and folly, but also corruption and lust for power."
—Corriere TV/Corriere della sera