Behind Resonance (2001) 

Concept, Choreography, Set Design: Shen Wei

Music: David Lang

Original Lighting Design: David Ferri and Shen Wei

Costume Design: Shen Wei

Running Time: 30 minutes

"A landscape of gleaming white rectangles forms the scenic background and pathways for this work. The dancers, clothed in velvet gray sheaths, create images that change and coalesce to the multi-textured waves of David Lang's score. The dancers enter slowly, on by one, form pairs and trios, then join together in groups. Like an afterimage or a memory of a place or emotion, Behind Resonance strikingly captures and extends powerful and graceful metaphors of movement."

— Shen Wei


"The opening image of Behind Resonance is striking..."
—Anna Kisselgoff, The New York Times